Potential and possibilities of virtual 3D photography & CGI


What is a virtual 3D photo shooting & CGI?

In most fields of industrial production companies replace conventional digital and analog product images with computer generated photorealistic images. The abbreviation CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery.

In contrast to conventional photo shootings you don’t need real products for a virtual photo shooting. The product representation is mostly modelled with using CAD data and the right software.

With a computer you can adjust exposure, light and contrast of the situation and transfer it to CGI. On that base it is possible to compose CGI and real background images into a realistic image.

What are the advantages of virtual 3D photo shooting and CGI?

Companies use virtual photo shootings to place their products into any location, e.g. on top of difficult accessible bridges or historical city centers.

A virtual photo shooting can start when the first design and construction data is available.

Within industrial production these data exists way before the serial production will start. On that account you can save a lot of money and time.

For the viewer the difference between a realistic image, e.g. of a sports show is merely visible compared to a computer generated imagery of the same object.

Why us as a partner for virtual 3D photo shootings & CGI?

3D visualization is our world and we prefer to use it in a way to generate the highest added value for your company linked to the project. We would like to share your enthusiasm for unlimited possibilities within 3D visualization.

  • More than 10 years of 3D and VR experience within mechanical engineering, automotive, aviation and military
  • Independent and neutral consulting by choosing software, hardware and service provider
  • We offer consultation, know how transfer and solution implementation for your company
  • We don’t generate islands but processes with an added value for your project
  • Expand your visualization project as needed with our experience in virtual 3D worlds, interactive 3D media and 3D film productions

Where to use 3D photo shooting & CGI production:

  • Virtual photo shootings open incredible opportunities for your marketing

    We create on the base of construction data or through 3D modelling photo realistic presentations of your product, e.g. for print and web catalogues.

  • 3D visualization to protect your ideas

    Protect your ideas with virtual product images long before the first prototype. We have long-time experience with patent registration for your visualization.

  • Virtual photography as turbo for your company

    Convince potential investors or business partners with absolutely realistic and reliable images of our product idea/ project and its exclusive added value. With no costs for real prototypes.

How much does a 3D photo shooting / a CGI production cost?

Every project is different. You get a tailor-made production based on your request and budget. Get in touch with us – we are looking forward.


    Take advantage of the fascinating possibilities of visual communication

    Discover with us the potential of CGI and 3D photo shooting.

    We develop and establish digital processes which suit your company. Get started with us and dive into a virtual product world to generate profits and save time.

    Just send a request or give us a call.

    We’re looking forward!

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