Potential and possibilities of virtual product design


What is virtual product design?

Success and scope of ideas and concepts of new products is very much dependent on a successful design.

The virtual product design, virtual product development and virtual product communication make it possible to create photo realistic product visualizations and its communication. This happens at the same time as you have your first idea of the product long before its construction.

In the virtual space of a computer you can simulate and generate all forms and materials without any costs on material or machines.

What are the advantages of virtual product design?

  • Realistic product visualization before the construction process starts
  • Limitless and immediate material usage within the virtual space
  • Test and simulate without material and machine costs
  • Decrease the risk of wrong development, save money and time

Why us as a partner for virtual products?

VISORIC is your contact for big and middle sized companies regarding all question on virtual product design, virtual product development and virtual product communication. We have more than 10 years’ experience in the listed fields.

We support your with your 3D product visualization, simulation and product animation, product development and market launch. With us you get quality feedback on demand and relevance early enough to recognize and solve problems to save precious time and money.

Potential of virtual product design:

  • Planning

    Your product gets a shape with us. We deliver photo realistic design drafts at any point of your project planning. As often and as many varieties as you need. See and understand exactly what you want and what you like.

  • Error detection

    Apart from the look we communicate with our 3D product design information on functionality, usage, transport and packaging. With our visualizations and simulations you’ll detect and communicate planning error at an early stage and can save money and time.

  • Product communication

    Our virtual 3D product design can influence internal project communication as well as external product communication and contributes massively to the success of product design and market launch. On that base look and availability of your product can be communicated at an early stage to get demand and customer request.

How much does a virtual product cost?

Every project is different. You get a tailor-made production based on your request and budget. Get in touch with us – we are looking forward.

    3D product design / virtual products

    Take advantage of the fascinating possibilities of virtual product design.

    Discover with us the potential of virtual product design, virtual product development and virtual product communication

    Get started with us and dive into a virtual product world to generate profits and save time.

    Just send a request or give us a call.

    We’re looking forward!

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