Potential and possibilities of 3D product film


What is a 3D product film?

Product films show your company at its best. Within a product film the focus is set on products or services of your company.

The 3D film production takes advantage of the possibilities within a virtual 3D room to create fascinating film results. However, a lot of things what we realize with 3D are not possible to capture in reality or just with a lot of effort.

What are the advantages of 3D film production?

  • Realistic visualization of your product within a film based on CAD data or through 3D modelling made out of images or sketches - no real existing product orcprototype needed
  • Specific features of your product which aren’t visible in a live action film e.g. the interior of a machine can easily be visualized with a 3D film
  • Huge machines can be put in scene without a difficult set up and preparation
  • 3D film productions can be produced in any detail degree and style
  • 3D animations can be perfectly implemented into live action films and can impressively expand the information value and effect of your film
  • Processes and products which are not visible for the eye can easily be visualized within 3D films

Our services for your 3D product film production:

  • 1) In the beginning there is an idea to develop a concept from

    We are happy to develop ideas with you and to create a concept for your film production. Give us a call or send us a request. We also give you non-binding suggestions.

  • 2) Script and storyboard

    In case no script or storyboard exists we will collect ideas together and put them on paper. Our editorials and drawers transfer all creative ideas and film sequences into a storyboard. That’s how we communicate your plan from the beginning on in a transparent and comprehensive way.

  • 3D modelling and/or CAD data conversion and processing

    We produce your product and the environment in 3D the way you ask for it: realistic or minimalistic, on the base of construction data or freely modelled. You’ll be amazed.

  • 4) Creating animations

    With animations we implement movement and action into the produced scenes. We make your machine work, start processes or virtually fly over your company site. Nothing is impossible with 3D animations.

  • 5) Special effects I Special FX I SFX I

    You want to get special effects? No problem. Either as sprayed contrast media, lightings or fire. Everything which is hard to capture in reality can be simulated digitally and integrated into your production.

  • 6) Live action shooting on land, water and in the air

    Together with our partners for live action shooting we are able to produce professional recordings in each element of the real world. We are pleased to also have drones, pilots, divers and extreme athletes in our team.

  • 7) Synchronization, music and sound design

    Our sound designer merge appealing audio elements with individual scenes into a final unique result. If desired you get a matching synchronization and exclusively composed music for your production.

  • 8) Editing and postproduction

    In the end everything will fit perfectly together – 3d animations with live action scenes, effects, text, music and sound. We finish off your complete work at its best within a final post production. It’s no problem to include any image or film material of you. You receive a ready-to-broadcast film in the final stage via a download link.

Three things which are important for your production:

  • We are only satisfied with your production if you are as well

    That’s the reason why we inform you during our production on important steps and mid results. You always have the change to lead the production in your way.

  • Your production has a direct contact person with us

    Our product managers and 3D artists can be reached directly at all times. We are producing in our 3D creativity factory for you in the heart of Munich (Bayerstraße 13). Convince yourself! You are more than welcomed to have a look on our work approach.

  • Discretion is part of our daily work routine

    We commit ourselves in a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to use the received information and data of you in a strongly confidential way.

How much does a 3D film production cost?

Every project is different. You get a tailor-made production based on your request and budget. Get in touch with us – we are looking forward.


    Take advantage of the fascinating possibilities of film production with 3D product data

    Discover with us the potential of 3D product films.

    On the base of your construction data, images or sketches we produce product films in a photorealistic quality for you. Your clients will be amazed and convinced.

    We’re looking forward!

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